New Github Repository for ArdCore Sketches

We've opened a new Github repository for all of the ArdCore sketches that we've created, and all the sketches that have been shared with us. This includes the work that Dan Snazelle (SnazzyFX), Alphonso Alba and others have chipped in. That puts us at over 80 sketches!

Check out all the programs at:

Download 'em and have a blast!



More User Contributions!

Dan Snazelle, the developer of the Euro-version of the ArdCore, has sent us some new user contributions. These include the aptly named NoiseMaker, BitCrusher and DepthCharge. There is also a random gate generator that should be a lot of fun.

You can see these, as well as our other User Contributed sketches, at our UC download page.



Further Work Completed!

Well, today I got a wild hair and decided to buckle down on the output expander. I had done a board layout and was OK with the results, but I couldn't get up the nerve to run wires to, well, nothing. Doing some digging around in my bins of DIY stuff, I ran across a 2-wide MU blank with a bunch of holes drilled in it. That was all I needed!

After a little soldering and a little wiring, I now have a working (but crude) ArdCore output expander board. I'm going to put it through some torture testing, but I suspect we'll have these ready to ship before the end of the year. Yah!



User Contributions

We've gotten a new user contribution today from Alfonso Alba. This sketchs (which you can see in action at this link) uses drum samples from a Yamaha RY20 as a playable sound source. The samples can be selected with either a knob selection or voltage input, and you can also control tuning as well. The result is an amazing addition to the ArdCore sketch pile, and is available in our User Contributed Sketches section. A great module on its own, the source code is also very revealing for programmings that want to use sample playback.

(edit) Alfonso has tossed another hat into the ring - an LFO with a quadrature output. Very cool stuff!



A Little Nod

We got a really nice post-up on MatrixSynth, apparently from Dan at SnazzyFX (who is going to be doing a licensed Euro version of the ArdCore module.). Thanks to Dan and to the great folks at MatrixSynth - we really appreciate the attention!

So, as you can see, our module is ready. We are trying to get a bunch of parts for the next build, and we are working with a few pre-sale buyers to get the kinks out of the system. We should have a webstore available soon (where you can get modules, boards and parts), and hope to have more information on SnazzyFX's buildout pretty soon.

If you are a 5U'er, we'd love to hear from you. If nothing else, let us know how fabulous this idea is, how stupid you think it might be, or why you'd rather just get a Yamaha Motif!