ArdCore Pr0n

You know I had to make that joke, right?  Well, here's a little taste of where we are at...


Sketches are complete!

I've just completed the second pass on the ArdCore sketches, and have added two new ones: a SimpleVCO square wave VCO, and the VCAR Envelope, which provides a voltage controlled attack and decay timing. Starting next week, I'll be beefing up the documentation, and creating some videos of the various sketches in action. Woohoo!


Schtuff on order, schtuff on review

Faceplates and circuit boards are all on-order for the ArdCore, and I'm in the process of running through the completed schedules to clean up the programming, add obvious features and generally test things out for the final run. At this point, I'm feeling pretty good...!




ArdCore - Coming Up Quickly

Well, our "ArdCore" module is making good progress! I just updated the downloads page with a lot of new sketches, and I'm fleshing out the specification a little more for people that want to 'roll their own'. Circuit boards (specifically for dotcom systems) are working well, and we are banging away at sheet metal to make some faceplates.

Since this is for my Master's Degree, it really does have to be done!

Check out a little more on our Ardcore page.



Playing with XFormer

Here's another video from Darwin all about XFormer, which is one of the old Pluggo plugs which ended up in Max for Live.