Version 2 (of that book)

If you've gotten the book, please note that 'version two' has been released, with some updated images, cleaned up verbiage, and the addition of a 2-envelope variation on the East Coast synth patch (several readers strongly recommended it...).

If you need an update, or if you are just now getting the book, it is available by shooting an email to "bookzero@20objects.com". Whee!




I think I made a book...


Oh dear, I've hit it now!

I've started a series of books called "Modular Synthesizer Mastery", and Volume Zero is out now - for free. Send an email to "bookzero@20objects.com" and a PDF will show up in your inbox. Do me a favor: if you see any mistakes, foolishness or bad ideas, drop me a line and help me make this book as useful as possible.




More ArdCore Activity

In addition to a bunch of new sketches, I've started a series of tutorials that will help you learn Arduino programming through the ArdCore connection. You will need to have learned a little Arduino programming (like a simple set of tutorials for turning LED's on and off), but these tutorials will approach the programming in a modular synthesizer-specific fashion. Check the downloads section to find the tutes, and enjoy! (updated 02-10-2011)


Board Revs to Date

I thought I'd post a little pictoral of the board revs to-date. We start off with the original board layout (unlabeled Rev A):

You will notice a few unfortunate jumpers: I didn't have a good way to cross the Arduino data lines, so I jumpered the +/- 15V. Also, in a last minute change, I ended up tying three data lines to ground (those are the jumpers running to the left). New rule of thumb: Don't do last minute changes!

Fixes were applied, leading to the Rev B board:

This is working all right, but doesn't do any cleanup of the power, and had really, really big mounting holes. Rev C was next, but it was a total dud - I got so ticked that I chucked 'em all! Rev D is the current board:

Now I've got some caps and diode across the power lines (hopefully preventing future bursts of smoke coming from the Nanos...), and I've replaced the analog input connectors with 3-pin MTAs so that they can be user-swapped as pots, switches, jacks or push-buttons. I want to do a little more power supply cleanup, then we are probably to 1st version production boards. Hurrah!



Quick update to the sketches...

I just did a "silent" upgrade to the ArdCore sketches. I added some basic license text, which points to our release of these sketches using the Creative Commons non-commercial attribution license. I really like the option of using CC's license as a way to share with the community without losing all control of the result. I hope that you all find the sketches to be useful, and expect to continue updating them as progress continues.

On to the boards!