More ArdCore work completed

I've updated and posted the first five ArdCore sketches now. These include:

  • Template: A basic programming template to use for your own work.
  • Quantizer: A simple chromatic quantizer with output de-jitter.
  • DrunkenWalk: An 8-bit drunken walk calculator (with built-in clock and jump selection).
  • DrunkenNote: Same as DrunkenWalk, but quantized to the note.
  • ClockDivider: A dual-divider, using the clock input for triggers, and both digital outputs for seperate divisions.

I'm testing out the near-final board right now. I hope to have boards available in about 3 weeks, and we might have front panels done around then as well.



Starting with the ArdCore

For my Masters degree at DU, I'm developing a general purpose computation device for modular synthesizers. I've already sent in my proposal, and hope to be making significant progress over the next few weeks. At this point, we already have test boards in place, and I've been designing Arduino sketches for things like quantizers, trigger delays and drunken-walk output. The results are amazing, and the integration of these functions into an otherwise all-analog system are pretty great.

Since both Andrew and I have 5U systems, our modules will be 5U-based. However, the boards will be available seperately for DIY'ers, and both the specs and the sketches will be provided as open-source documents for anyone to use for their own work.

I hope you enjoy!



Some new-ish stuff

Well, the excitement of NAMM is over and it's time to review what we've recently done. First, if you haven't seen my videos on both PROGRAM (creating a step sequencer) and PLAY (using the Loop Shifter), you will want to review them. Also, Andrew put up a really nice new patch that shows remote (over-the-network) clip display and launching. One of the interesting sub-plots to this thing is that it uses the Javascript-based LiveAPI accessors, which seem to be faster and easier to use (at least to me) than the standard objects.

Keep an eye peeled, since I've been working on the Massive Modular, and Andrew has got some kind of Monome-based goodie up his sleeve. In any case, have fun, and keep a close eye on more new stuff!



What's this all about?

Between Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, O'Reilly and other promotional devices, it would be too easy to spread my joy too broadly and never get the right audience to see the right content. Thus is born 20objects - a little site about music technology. This site is a music-tech home for my friend Andrew Pask and me (Darwin Grosse), and we will be posting Max patches, Max for Live devices, tutorial videos, tips/techniques and all sorts of other stuff. How will it really manifest itself?  Who knows - but it will be fun to find out.

Right now, Andrew is working on a cool device for cross-network control of Live, and I'm working on a massive modular synthesizer built in Max. I've also been doing some Max for Live videos (which may be how you found this in the first place). will be a nice place for Andrew and me to put content that doesn't fit Cycling '74's direct needs, but that we consider too useful to keep stashed in our personal hard drives.  I hope you enjoy what you find here.

If you need any specific help with anything, or if you find that some of the available content isn't working right for you, feel free to contact me using my address or use the Contact form to the left.



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