Projects > enSconce'd 2011

enSconce’d, by John O’Brien, is a self-contained, site-specific sculpture with audio component in with five outlined forms that refer to some of Pasadena’s famous architecture. The forms sit atop two triangular prisms that act as a compass, pointing to JPL and Mt. Wilson Observatory. An accompanying soundscape was designed so that from 8am to 6pm every other hour, on the hour, daily for 18 months audio of musician Steve Roden will sound. The piece was commissioned by the city of Pasadena as part of its Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program. 20 Objects created a solution for the audio component of the sculpture. The resulting player consists of three parts: an Arduino Uno board, an MP3 playing shield, and a blank proto-board in which a timing chip was placed to wake up the Arduino, which would look at the time and respond with audio. The finished product provides a capability with Arduino that has been previously unavailable.