Setup Instructions for the Ardcore 001

We’ve taken appropriate steps to ensure that you can’t burn out the ArdCore system very easily. But it can still happen, because the Arduino Nano is a microprocessor system, and all micro systems can be damaged. Here are a few hints about proper handling:
  • Don’t plug in the ArdCore power connector into a power supply that is turned on. It’s never a good idea, but particularly not for a microprocessor device.
  • If you have a USB cable connecting your ArdCore to a computer, and the computer is turned on, the Arduino Nano in your module is receiving power. The Arduino has a power switching system; when it is getting external power (like from your synthesizer rig), it does not draw power from your computer. However, when you turn off the synthesizer, the Nano will switch back to power draw from your computer. If you are going to do any maintenance on the module, make sure it is not connected to your computer.
  • The surface of the Arduino Nano is packed full of circuitry. Don’t let the face of the Nano (or any other component) touch metal or another conductive material when the ArdCore or the Arduino is receiving power.
System Tuning

Before you permanently install the ArdCore into your system, you will want to tune it. The easiest way to do this is to use the Template Sketch (AC01-Template, found on the website). Do the following steps:
  1. Load the AC01-Template sketch into the Arduino using the standard Arduino programming interface ( see below for details on this.
  2. Disconnect the ArdCore from your computer, attach the power connector of the ArdCore to your synthesizer rig, and turn on your modular.
  3. Connect the OUT jack of the ArdCore to the 1 V/Oct input on an oscillator. Route that oscillator to a tuner (preferable) or some speakers.
  4. Using the A0 knob (the top one), Move it slowly from minimum to maximum. You should hear it produce octaves. If they are not in tune, you will need to change the pitch scaling. This is the small trimmer on the circuit board. Adjust this trimmer until moving the A0 knob produces true octaves.
The AC01-Template sketch actually allows you to test all of the inputs and outputs of the ArdCore; to see the procedure, read the instructions at the top of the program comments.

Arduino Programming Interface

There's only one thing you can use to get software loaded on, the Arduino IDE.

Get it at

There's a really good walk through here

Ardcore is powered by an Arduino Nano

You'll also need to get the FTDI driver installed on your computer

(Make sure you scroll down a little - the D2XX drivers at the top are *not* what you want to use. If you scroll down, you will see download instructions for each OS that is available...)